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Updated: January 26, 2012


Welcome To The 2012

From Hoosier Open Tournaments

2011 has ended and we are now starting the 2012 tournament season. We hope all of you have had a good holiday and are ready for the New Year. In 2011 we had a very competitive point’s race and Classic tournaments. This year hopes to be even bigger yet. We have many good things happening for the weekend series tournaments that will increase both the Classic Champions funds and the Points Champions cash prize.

To start out Hoosier Open has gotten some of our major sponsors to put up big money to sponsor a tournament. Each sponsor will sponsor an individual tournament to help increase our prize money for the Classic winners and the Points Champions. Tournaments will be as follows:

    March 18 - A2O Boating Supplies - Patoka Invitational

    April 22 - Orion Arms - Patoka Invitational

    May 20 - Honey Creek Tackle - Tanners Creek Invitational

    June 17 - Solar Bat - Monroe Invitational

    July 8 - Perry County/Big Tales - Rocky Point Invitational

    August 26 - Artesian Outdoors – Monroe Invitational

Hoosier Open / Ranger Boats / Eddie Gilstrap Motors Classic

September 29 & 30 Patoka Res.

Last year Hoosier Open Paid out $7500.00 to our Classic winners and this year we will be able to Guarantee $10,000 to our winners along with the sponsors certificates and give away’s. The Points Champions have in the past gotten a large prize package with lots of giveaways and no cash. This year Hoosier Open is paying as follows:

                       1st place Point Champions - $2000.00

                       2nd place - $1000.00

                       3rd Place - $500.00

These payouts will happen at the Classic Banquet along with other prizes to be awarded. These sponsors have put up this money to have their tournament named and to help the fisherman fish for some big bucks. All of this is contingent upon our averages being at least what it was last year of 84 boats per tournament. From those we have spoken with this will help increase our numbers. If we average more than the 84 boats, the Classic cash will be more than that.

Also we have decided to allow 2 substitutes during the year but must fish the Classic if qualified with original partner (not substitute). You must still fish 5 of the 6 tournaments to qualify for the Classic. Also we will be paying back 20% of all entries instead of 15%. I have had a lot of fisherman asking for this so we will give it a try.

Remember to contact all our sponsors to thank them for what they do for all of you fisherman. If not for the sponsors we have, the Hoosier Open Tournament Trail would not be able do what we do. For many years now these sponsors have put up a lot for all our tournaments. Try and stop by to check their stores and products they deal with.

Again this year we have Eddie Gilstrap Motors paying $500.00 to anyone winning one of our tournaments using a tow vehicle purchased from them in the past 5 years. This is a good deal for someone who needs a tow vehicle. Travis Elliott can help with whatever you need. We have a new sponsor this year with Oxygenator live well systems. There will be a discount sheet in our mailings with the brochures we send out for you to purchase one at a discount price during February and March. If you win a Hoosier Open Tournament with an Oxygenator in your boat, you will receive a free one. We will also have some for sale at tournaments. This system is a flush mount system that is easy to install in your boats and will put the oxygen into your live wells when your fish need it the most and also will help relieve stress with their U2 pro formula additives.

We have also gotten a sponsorship with Lucas Oil Marine products. They will be giving products away during the year at each tournament. These products are good for your fuel systems and oil.

Boat shows are starting and Ted’s Open House is February 4th & 5th. They always have a good show and good prices on some Ranger Boats if you’re looking for a new boat this year. This year ted and Ranger boats have put together a show from Scott Martin & Forrest Wood. This will be an excellent show to watch if you can attend. Indianapolis boat show will be February 17 to 26. Here you will be able to stop by and thank a few of our sponsors. I will be at the Ted’s Aqua Marine area and would like to see you there..

I will have a 2012 Ranger Z-521 with a 250 Pro XS for sale and if someone is interested they can pick whatever they want in colors and equipment for the boat before it goes into production. Paul Jolly has his 2011 Z-521 for sale also. His add is in the for sale section of the web site with pictures.

We hope to see some of you in the near future at the boat shows and if not hope to see you at our tournaments. If any of you have questions please call us.

Good Luck In 2012

Hoosier Open Tournaments

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